Starting with an exhaustive study of the anatomy of the foot, our technicians have created a basic 3d last, on which to develop the optimum profiles of the different items of footwear, specifically designed for each type of use. This procedure makes it possible to manufacture footwear with an extremely precise internal volume, comparable with bespoke made products The ergonomic studies go ahead hand-in-hand with research into the utmost controlled flexibility, smooth foot roll and complementary to the biomechanical metatarsal-arch of the foot. The final result is footwear that is extremely comfortable, light, with balanced flexion and torsion, elastic and cushioned, excellent for reducing stress on the spine and joints.


Rawhide leather made in italy from the cattle of the european alpine area. A waterproofing treatment applied during the tanning process makes these hides water repellent. Suede finish, scratch-resistant, breathable, long lasting and especially suited to the most severe and intense uses.


The same features as Perwanger, but with a resin and waxed cowhide finish that makes it particularly water repellent, soft and breathable, able to adapt itself quickly to the shape of the wearer’s foot.


High-quality full grain leather made in Italy. Subject to an environmentally-friendly tanning process and extremely waterproof, soft, comfortable and breathable. Resistant and elastic, long-lasting.


Leather made in Italy, it is derived from the full-grain part with a light external sanding treatment. Durable, very soft, velvety to the touch, especially prized.

AW 303

The result of research by Andrew into technologically advanced materials, we have introduced a new fabric made in Italy for technical and safety footwear, manufactured with the latest generation high-strength threads, highly resistant to abrasion (over 850,000 cycles), to tearing and tensile stress. Flexibility of the upper in excess of 4,000,000 cycles.


A new type of waterproof lining laminate Made in Germany to create an excellent microclimate in the shoe. Excellent microclimate in the shoe during extreme physical exertion.

  • Prevention of unpleasant damp feeling by faster moisture wicking from the foot to the outside;
  • Faster drying of the inner lining after exposure to extreme moisture;
  • Reduction of odor and blister formation;
  • Maximum wear comfort and dry feet for maximum performance in changing climatic conditions.


A highly insulating and breathable multi-layer fabric Made in Italy. Thermally insulated so the inside of the boot maintains a constant foot temperature even in particularly harsh external weather conditions (to temperatures of -20). The use of silver micro-particles with an anti-bacterial effect keeps the inside of the boot healthy and comfortable.


A new sole exclusive to Andrew, Made in Italy, with a high-performance mix made from a high content of natural rubber and silicon combined with the latest generation biopolymers. Ensures high-level physical-mechanical properties, strong traction and grip, wear resistance, comfortable foot roll and grip on slippery surfaces too. Resistant to acids, fuel oils and animal slurries. Especially stable sides for optimal step precision, combined with an internal shock absorber system for maximum elasticity, comfort and responsiveness. Differentiated cleat layout to assist grip in the propulsion phase as well as when braking on descents. Designed for the optional addition of high-grip studs, to be screwed into triple threaded holes provided in the arch in the center of the sole. The length and size of the studs have been studied to ensure normal walking with no problems, including on delicate and easily marked ground. The Magma sole has been designed to cater optimally for every need in intense and continuous working activities. Conforming to the applicable European standards.


Exclusive Andrew sole, rigorously Made in Italy, specifically designed for safety footwear EN ISO 20345. It is based on an advanced compound designed for all the needs of antistaticity, resistance to fuels, animal sewage, heat while remaining stable and long lasting. It offers superior grip on any type of surface (even contaminated with oils and fuels) ensuring a high level of anti-slip and flexibility. Composed of a mixture of rubbers developed on specific Andrew techniques, it contains high silica fillers and antioxidant agents that guarantee top-level sealing, resistance and comfort performances. Compliant with relevant European regulations.


Yet another exclusive item of footwear from Andrew Srl, developed with the help of experts in the field and distinguished champions, for specific use in Fly Fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Sole with superior non-slip performance on surfaces that are wet, slimy or covered with vegetation (moss, lichen, etc.) typical of dynamic fishing (mountain streams, stony and sandy bottoms, etc.) where high adhesion, stability and grip in the propulsion phase are essential. A mix with elastic rubber that’s extra soft and very comfortable, with controlled deformation. A multi-purpose sole that remains high-performance under a very wide range of temperatures of use, stable on sharp edges, with an elastic behavior. A design that provides for specific seats for easy and precise positioning of threaded studs with a reinforced head to provide extra quality to the overall grip of the sole. Optional version, again available with studs, with a Rubber/Felt mix where the central part is in 100% nonslip polyester waterproof felt.



Outsole with rubber cleats that guarantee traction on particularly uneven terrain while the delineated heel offers braking on steep slopes and moving surfaces. Teton is perfect for demanding trekking, especially at high altitudes and demanding terrains.


New approach robber sole featuring an excellent resistance to wear and high non-slip capacity, together with the reinforced toe cap and the undercut heel. It is recommended for training and approach.


Rubber sole featuring the classic trekking design by Vibram. For its high non-slip capacity, together with the reinforced toe cap, the undercut heel and the carved waist (for improved adherence to uneven terrain), it is recommended for trekking.


Rubber sole featuring a large contact area for grip on rock. High traction and downhill braking capability on unstable and heavy ground. Eva midsole guarantees lightness and shock absorbing.


Hydro shaped felt sole with spikes and extremely high non-slip capacity. Designed for experienced fly fishermen and heavy use. It is recommended for mountain activities, steep streams, rock, difficult and demanding terrains.