1. Guide to proper use of the shoes

For proper use of the shoes, it is recommended to:

• select a suitable model based on the specific use and relative environmental/ weather conditions

• choose the right size, preferable by trying on the shoe and testing the fit.

• not dry your shoes near or in direct contact with stoves, heaters, direct sunlight or other heat sources; choose shady, dry and ventilated areas, removing the insole and drying it separately.

• never leave your shoes in the trunk of a car for long periods on summer days and, however, at temperatures above 30° C.

• regularly clean using soft brushes, paper towels, tea towels, etc. If necessary add a little water in case of stubborn dirt: the frequency of cleaning depends on the conditions of use.

• periodically treat (based on the intensity of use) the upper with specific products such as ANDREW silicon spray (for uppers in split leather and Nubuk,) ANDREW natural waxes (for uppers in Full-Grain Leather).

• not use aggressive liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, acids, solvents, which may impair the quality, safety, and durability of the shoe.

• when not in use, put the shoes away in a dry, clean and ventilated area.

• after use, never store the shoes inside plastic bags because the lack of air and possible stagnation of moisture and humidity may lead to the formation of mould, fungi and other microorganisms, which may irreparably deteriorate the leather of the upper.

• check the goods condition of the shoes before each use.

• changes in environmental conditions (e.g. extreme temperatures or humidity) may significantly reduce the performance of the shoes.

2. Storage

To avoid the risk of deterioration, the shoes must be transported and stored in their original boxes (without nylon bags) in dry, ventilated and not too hot place. If taken out of their original packaging not damaged, new shoes can generally be considered suitable for wearing.

3. Removable insole

All the ANDREW shoes come with a removable insole.

The certified ergonomic and protective features refer to the shoe complete with its insole. Always use the shoe with its insole! Replace the insole only with an equivalent and original ANDREW insole.