1. Duration

The ANDREW warranty is valid for a period of 24 MONTHS from the date of purchase, and covers material and manufacturing defects and shoes that however are not older than 36 MONTHS.

2. Coverage and exclusions

Only original ANDREW materials and manufactured products are covered by this warranty. Any aspects of the product that do not meet your expectations shall not be considered defects fot the purpose of this warranty.

Specifically, the warranty expressly EXLUDES damage resulting from:

• Improper use

• Normal wear of shoes, upper, rubber bands, laces, etc.

• Failure of the SYMPATEX lining to maintain the waterproof/humidity performance on shoes used primarily on both dry and wet conditions (if the membrane has problems with not being waterproof, this usually manifest itself after first use on wet surfaces)

• Damage caused by sharp objects, work tools, etc. or by falls, abnormal bumps or alterations.

• Tampering with or use of NON-ORIGINAL part and components.

• Improper maintenance of the shoe

• Negligence or carelessness

• Damage or alteration caused by external factors, such as repairs performed by unauthorized people.

• Subjective evaluations of the wearer such as fit, comfort, etc.

• Damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat

• Use o terrian/surfaces with extensive presence of animal manure, lime, cement, solvents, gasoline, acids, etc. and any other corrosive materials.

3. Procedure

If you think there is a defect in your shoes, simply return them to the dealer where you purchased them together with proof of purchase. Your dealer will contact the local Agent who will activate the specific procedure of the ANDREW Warranty Service.

ANDREW reserves the right to verify the actual defect claimed and repair or replace the product (if deemed under the Warranty), only after this verification has been made.

Any repairs NOT covered by Warranty will be charged to the customer at a special price.

4. Warranty of Sympatex waterproof membrane

The SYMPATEX Moisture-Tech lining is covered by the warranty of SYMPATEX TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Unterfohring (D) - www.sympatex.com - info@sympatex. com, which has a “customer service” office in every country.

ANDREW recommends choosing the type and size of the shoe carefully, so that the foot is snug and secure. This will not allow the foot to move too much inside the shoe, preserving the STYMPATEX lining and maintaining its characteristics over time.

During and after use, it is good practice to ALWAYS remove (also by extracting the insole) any sediments or pointy objects (soil, sand, small stones, twigs, thorns, etc.) lodged inside the shoe that, with movement or pressure of the foot can irreparably damage the SYMPATEX membrane.